Ahmed El Sawah

Diamond Pharmaceutical Services was founded with the concept of making alliance and deal making in the pharmaceutical industry an attainable objective to all stakeholders in the emerging pharmaceutical markets. The proven track record and expertise of our founders are invaluable to our clients in making sure that they embark on devising strategies and  a successful win-win partnerships. Morever, our services encompass coordinating with the major leaders in strategy management and consultancy firms to offer the local solution with the global knowledge base.


Thirty seven years in the Pharmaceutical industry covering all of its diversified components with excellence in business development and in-licensing/out-licensing deal making. Ahmed Elsawah was an essential member in developing the kickoff of the pharmaceutical industry in Saudi Arabia through leading the business development activities of SPIMACO, and concluding milestone strategic alliances with major multinational companies like Pfizer, Roche, Glaxo, Novartis, Lilly, Merck, BMS and others. He participated in establishing the first multipurpose API manufacturing facility in the MENA Region CAD Middle East. The variety of models developed has enriched the outcomes of collaboration with partners which included second trade mark licensing, JVs, 3rd party promotion, divestment, and acquisition. His BD activities have included extensive interaction with major multinational consultancy firms like Mckinzey, ML, Bain and Co, BCG, Camelot, Ronald Berger, and others. He represented Spimaco as the majority shareholder in establishing the first multipurpose API manufacturing facility in the MENA region. Elsawah also had the opportunity of leading a specialized team to launch the first biotech breakthrough product, Eprex, for J&J in the Middle East from the late 80s to the early 90s. He also worked for Lundbeck as GM for Egypt and Saudi Arabia from 2002 to 2006, registering and launching its major antidepressant, Cipralex.